Credit Fraud Investigations

When carrying out credit fraud investigations, ILR Services pays particular attention to the application submitted to determine the intent of the applicant at the time of submitting the credit application. We also attend to interview and obtaining of statements from the borrower and/or potential witnesses.


ILR Services cross checks information provided by our clients to our comprehensive in house database as well as a number of public databases, to identify fraud indicators and assist in the investigation of credit fraud.


Cross checking is utilized to identify the applicant, establish credit history at the point of application and also to identify other persons who may have been involved in the fraud.


Once the fraud has been established we identify the likelihood of recovery and make a recommendation in relation to criminal charges. We pride ourselves in presenting all the facts required to allow our client to make an informed decision.


We can also attend to recovery on behalf of our client, whether or not our client wishes to lay criminal charges.