Debugging & Bug Sweeping

At ILR Services we have an understanding of the laws related to conversation intercepts and recordings, and the importance of discretion, confidentiality and providing you with an undertaking to protect your rights and your confidentiality.

We provide a complete security assessment and the knowledge to protect your rights and confidentiality.

It is important to check the security of your building and equipment against eavesdropping from anyone who may benefit from covertly obtained inside information.

We don’t believe in coincidences. Has someone you know shown up once too often when they  couldn’t (or shouldn’t) have known where you have been or were?

If you are working on a sensitive project then you need peace of mind.

You don’t need to feel paranoid if something has made you suspicious. There are over 100,000 covert listening devices, cameras and trackers imported into Australia every year, therefore someone is using them.

We therefore take your suspicion seriously.

This being the case, if you would like to utilise our discreet services don’t call us from your phone, home office or car. Call us from somewhere else and utilize someone elses phone.

ILR Services has the latest technology available with fully trained in-house professional staff to conduct Technical Surveillance Counter sweeps within your premises and for any external meetings or events. Our teams can attend anywhere in Australia at immediate notice.

A single electronic listening device strategically placed in your home, vehicle, hotel room, company boardroom, meeting rooms or offices, could jeopardise your future plans and divulge your most confidential information. Our team of trained specialist operators can conduct Surveillance Counter Sweeps for a wide range of clients.


Equipped with state-of-the-art electronic counter measures equipment to detect all forms of transmitters, and bugging devices, we have the equipment, experience and expertise to offer.

Our equipment

ILR Services has the resources to deal with every situation; we are able to respond immediately for clients either on a one-off basis or on agreed consultancy terms. With the best, most up-to-date equipment on the market, the service provided is both highly effective and efficient.

Today’s bugs and cameras don’t have to be recording and broadcasting constantly, which means we need a range of equipment to find them. And to avoid giving false peace of mind, we use professional-grade equipment that can find devices whether they’re broadcasting or passive during the search. This involves three types of electronic scanning, radio frequency scanning, thermal imaging and non-linear junction detection. We are committed to using the very latest countermeasures; the equipment used will vary according to the complexity of the job in hand but includes:

  • Lornet-24 - Non-linear junction detector. We are the only company in Australia to use this state of the art device. The Lornet-24 electronics detector is able to discover and track down all types of surveillance equipment, whether they are radio bugs, GSM devices, audio recorders, cameras, etc.

    • It can detect both active and passive devices, regardless of whether they are switched on or off.

    • It can easily inspect hard-to-reach places. 

    • Thanks to high signal frequency, the device is more efficient than conventional devices that have to rely on more powerful signals.

  • We also utilise Spectral profiling tools, UV detection devices, Infra-red spy finders and Hidden Camera Locators.

  • We also conduct old-fashioned, finger-tip searches to make sure nothing slips past us.


Our technician(s) will arrive discreetly in an unmarked vehicle. To the neighbours, it could be a visit from any sort of tradesperson. We’ll take a second brief from you to be sure we have all the information we need and to ensure we address all your concerns.

After we complete our sweep, you can be confident your home, office or car is secure.

What to do if you think your home might be bugged

If you think your home might be bugged, call us from a phone and location you are sure hasn’t been compromised. Your call will be answered by an experienced investigator who will be able to talk through your suspicions, give you a risk assessment and form a plan of action if required.

Our security assessment

We don’t just go about the business of locating listening devices or bugs – we also provide you with a security risk assessment, then provide strategies you can employ to avoid being listened to. Our service then goes further, locating and providing irrefutable evidence of the identity of the person/s who planted the device. If you’re an operator of a business and considering relocating to a new site or constructing a new premise, we can assist in minimising the risk of being eavesdropped at the new location.

We understand that the detection of listening devices or bugs cannot always be carried out during normal trading hours for discretionary reasons, and we can call upon your premises 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Our experience

ILR Services is a counter-surveillance business in South Australia, we however travel all over Australia and overseas. We don’t just attend to the de-bugging but come up with strategies to protect your business and privacy moving forward. We are a fully licensed private investigation firm with over 35 years experience.

We specialise in factual investigations and have managed some of the largest criminal defence case in SA. We utilize the services of Frank Carbone, a licensed private investigator who oversee all our investigations cases, and manages our investigation agents who are former senior detectives with over three decades experience.