Due Diligence Services

ILR Services offers due diligence services to clients who propose to take on potential clients or may be proposing to enter into a joint venture situation, especially where our client is considering operating in parts of the world where their business may not be adequately protected by contract law and where our clients success is heavily dependant on trust or good faith.

We can provide you with intelligence on a confidential basis about the potential client or business associate you are about to do business with. We would look at issues such as:

  • Previous business practices

  • Civil or criminal history

  • Media attention they may have received

  • Current assets and liabilities


Often it is when you are about to undertake business dealings with individuals or other businesses that questions or concerns arise.

It is at this point that we can assist to by undertaking the necessary inquiries or searches in order to answer your questions without jeopardising the negotiations.

Asset and Liability Check

Background Inquiries

ILR Services undertakes asset and liability checks to provide our clients with valuable information required to make an assessment of the likelihood of recovery in the event of civil litigation or criminal proceedings.

We also highly recommend to our clients that such asset and liability checks are also undertaken at the onset of business dealings as part of the due diligence process. Should business dealings lead to financial loss as a result of fraud or trickery litigation can prove costly and difficult and often futile as the defendant turns out to have little or no assets.

Our role is to investigate the perpetrator in order to assess the likelihood of recovery. In undertaking the asset liability check we not only undertake the 'normal' searches but also place ourselves in the position of the perpetrator to determine the possible means by which they mask the true ownership of assets sought.

As we start to collate information during our investigation and once all the perpetrators reasonably identifiable assets have been located our focus will then shift from investigation to litigation. It is at this point that we assess the appropriate means of recovery of assets.

We are also able to take into consideration the effective use of a Mareva Injunction order, if we can show good cause and the serious risk that the party will either hide or dissipate the assets in order to avoid the judgement ultimately obtained.

We consider that asset and liability checks should be utilised:

  • Prior to embarking on business dealings

  • Prior to issuing proceedings, negotiating a settlement, or settling a claim

  • Default debt

  • Money laundering investigations

  • Divorce or settlement disputes

A background inquiry should be conducted whenever embarking on a business relationship based largely on trust. A party to a business dealing may be key to the business venture and therefore their character and financial integrity paramount to its success.

The integrity of a company may also be heavily reliant on the integrity of the individual directors and the prudent investor or entrepreneur will check the credentials of not only the current directors, but also prior directors in order to establish a history of the company.

Employers also take on employees largely on trust and when offering key positions are well advised to undertake a background inquiry.

A background inquiry may also be undertaken when embarking on a personal relationship where the investment on the part of the interested party is considered significant or where genuine concerns arise. The background check may also be used to provide peace of mind when parents have concerns in regards to their children's new friends or associates.

In order to conduct a background inquiry we ask that you provide us with all the information known about the subject, both financial and personal, no matter how insignificant it may seem at the time.