Field Calls

ILR Services provides field calls Australia wide in both metropolitan and country areas. As representatives of our client we pride ourselves on our excellent standard of service and diligence in protecting the good will and reputation of our clients. Field calls are conducted when debt recovery can not be satisfactorily achieved by letter or telephone.

ILR Services definition of a field call is attendance at the debtor's given address in order to collect or recover monies or items on behalf of our clients. Field calls are conducted for the:

  • Collection of outstanding debts

  • Collection of arrears, overlimit or overdrawn amounts

  • Collection and destruction of Credit Cards

  • Collection of cheque books

  • Collection of monies as a result of dishonoured cheques


As part of the field call we automatically update the debtors details including current contact details, employment status as well as gain an overall view of the debtor's living and financial circumstance. We also note any other relevant information that may assist our client with making a decision in regard to collection of the debt.

The debtor is also warned of the accruing and recoverable costs if any arrangements entered into are not adhered to by the debtor.

The benefit of the field call is that our agent is placed in an advantageous position in assessing the circumstances of the debtor and the likelihood of recovery should the collection process proceed to litigation.

We have also found that field calls are more effective if the debtor is disputing the debt as it provides our agent with the opportunity to establish the grievances and negotiate some form of resolution. Our agents are also able to take any financial statements and negotiate payment arrangements or take relevant statements from the debtor if liability is being denied.

For a nominal fee per field call we provide to our clients a comprehensive report on the outcome of the field call together with all relevant information and a recommendation for future action if necessary.