Internal Fraud Investigations

ILR Services fully understands the delicate situation our clients may find themselves in when confronted with internal fraud. If our client suspects a fraud has been committed against their company or person we employ a three-step process to:


Step 1. Confirm or eliminate our client's fears and determine what type of fraud has occurred, if any. In order to establish the facts we ask you to provide us with an outline of the events surrounding your suspicion, who you suspect and why. Once this has been done we are in a better position to advise you on the appropriate investigation techniques we would employ.


Step 2. Carry out the investigation to identify suspects, obtain evidence and establish a plan of action to maximise the likelihood of recovery.


Step 3. Instigate methods to halt the fraud and make recommendations as to policies and procedures to minimise future risk.


If you suspect that an employee or associate has committed a fraud our recommendation is that you record and obtain all necessary evidence, however seek the appropriate advice before taking any action against the person or persons you suspect.


Once the fraud has been established we identify the likelihood of recovery and make a recommendation in relation to criminal charges. We pride ourselves in presenting all the facts required to allow our client to make an informed decision.


We can also attend to financial recovery on behalf of our client, whether or not our client wishes to lay criminal charges.


Where civil litigation is indicated we are also able where appropriate to utilise Anton Pillar Orders, Mareva Injunctions and Metallica Injunctions providing similar resources to the legislative powers of law enforcement agencies.