Listening Devices and

Corporate Espionage

ILR Services is able to offer state of the art equipment in the detection of listening devices. We specialise in the investigation of corporate espionage where the use of electronic equipment is on the rise.

We are able to firstly establish whether or not your premises have been bugged and secondly, and more importantly, we can instigate measures to prevent corporate espionage from all possible sectors within your business.

We would firstly look at how your business can pro-actively deter espionage attempts, by:

  • Installing clear policies and procedures

  • Educate employees to detect potential problems and install a reporting procedure

  • Conduct background investigations on all new staff members or associates

  • Analyse technical and procedural information security measures and identify weak spots

  • Review physical security

  • Review internal and external audit procedures and provide a full report on possible weaknesses in your proprietary business information.

If you suspect that a perpetrator has accessed your sensitive information we can assist you by establishing who, what, when, where, why and how. Once the facts are established we are then able to assist you to bring the perpetrator to justice, and instigate measures to retrieve proprietary information that is rightfully yours.