Loss & Shrinkage Investigations

ILR Services recognises that no company large or small is immune to loss and shrinkage issues within their business. We therefore offer a service where we can assist you in the identifying and reducing the incidence of fraudulent conversion of business assets or cash.

We believe that we can not only identify any loss or shrinkage occurring within your business, but also assist you with instituting preventative measures. If need be we can attend to writing your policies and procedures as well as hold staff meetings in order to discuss loss prevention issues with your employees.

Once any loss is identified, we not only assist you in reducing future losses, but also identify ways of tracing, securing and recovering any assets or cash fraudulently obtained.

If you believe that you may have a loss or shrinkage problem please contact us and we will provide a no obligation assessment of your problem and present a plan to resolve the issue for your consideration.