Pre-Employment Checks

The question ILR Services asks is…

Why do businesses invite a total stranger into their workplace, often in a position of trust, allow them access to proprietary information, to manage all or part of their business and pay them a lot of money after only having a number of conversations with them?

The answer is usually trust. People trust that the person that they are interviewing for the job is telling them the whole truth.

We are able to provide comprehensive Pre-Employment Checking service to minimise the risk of our client's hiring an underqualified or misrepresentative employ.

As part of our service we:

  • Review the interviewees curriculum vita for discrepancies or misrepresentations

  • Confirm academic and professional qualifications

  • Perform previous employment checks

  • Conduct searches via public information databases to identify 'risk factors'

  • Conduct criminal history checks


Employers must stop making decisions based on gut feel as even the most intuitive interviewer, more often than not gets this wrong.

The sensitive positions are not always the most senior positions, often secretarial, financial or computer systems personnel have a greater level of undetected access to sensitive information.

We therefore recommend that pre-employment checks are conducted on all employees, no matter what the position they are employed to fill.