ILR Services is able to carry out repossessions Australia wide in both metropolitan and country areas. As representatives of our client we pride ourselves on our excellent standard of service and diligence in protecting the good will and reputation of our clients.

Repossessions are conducted when the arrears can not be satisfactorily collected by letter or telephone or when prior field calls in order to collect arrears have proved fruitless.

As part of the repossession we automatically update the borrower's details including current contact details, employment status as well as gain an overall view of the borrower's living and financial circumstance. We also note any other relevant information that may assist our client with making a decision in regard to any future recovery action.

We also provide a full vehicle condition report and confirm that the security is registered and the insurance cover is appropriate and current.

If as a result of inspection of the vehicle or item and review of the financial circumstances of the borrower our agents determine that payment of the arrears is more economically viable than repossession we will make a recommendation to our client. In these situations our agents are also able to take any financial statements and negotiate payment arrangements.

The borrower is also warned of the accruing and recoverable costs if any arrangements entered into are not adhered to by the borrower.

For a nominal fee we provide to our clients a comprehensive report on the outcome of the repossession together with all relevant information and a recommendation for future action if necessary.