Undercover Operations

At ILR Services we pride ourselves on our track record and unique experience in carrying out effective undercover operations. We can truly say that we are specialists in this field.

Over the last twenty years some of our staff have been involved in a number of undercover operations both as operatives and as controllers and have successfully achieved our clients objectives without the target or targets being aware of the undercover operative.

We have in many cases literally saved our clients millions of dollars, achieving this without the undercover operation causing any disruption to our client's business.

Our confidence is such that we offer a service guarantee. If we have not achieved all of your objectives at the conclusion of the operation, provided that:

  • We have assessed the case at the outset and have recommended that your objectives can be met by use of an undercover operative

  • We have been allowed to manage the operation in accordance with our recommendations


We will be more than happy to reduce our fees to you by half.