Workplace Accidents

ILR Services are able to assist you in the investigation of employment related accidents. Our investigation procedures cover such issues as:

  • Were correct instructions issued or available to the employee?

  • Had adequate supervision and/or training been provided?

  • Was there warning of any unusual or unexpected risk?

  • Was the operational method employed reasonably safe?

  • Was the area of work of reasonably safe standard?

  • Was the equipment safe for the particular task and adequately maintained?

  • Were any statutory obligations breached?

  • Is the employee entitled to compensation?

  • Has the employee met or can the employee meet their 'onus of proof'?


Once these issues are addressed we would provide a detailed report to you covering:

  • Witness statements establishing who, what, when, where, why and how

  • Plans, maps and diagrams of the accident scene

    • Audio and video recordings

    • Still photography

  • Advice on evidence

  • Analysis and opinion


We would then assist you in relation to any surveillance you may require of the subject. Detailed surveillance reports are submitted.

We can on your behalf present your case to solicitors who's role is to analyse and evidence our agents gather, whether it be factual or as a result of surveillance conducted and provide you with legal opinion together with what else they feel you may need to consider if you decide to take the case to trial.

We specialises in the investigation and surveillance of subjects who prove to be illusive, evasive or who have in the past intimidated or threatened claims officers or inquiry agents. In these types of cases we analyse all information you have to date and will provide you with our recommendations on how we believe we can conduct the investigation without aggravating the subject.

ILR Services are also able to review your current workplace procedures to minimise the risk of injury and accident and so potential claims against your business.